Freeman's Endowed C.E. Junior Academy


Freeman's Endowed C.E. Junior Academy


Freeman's Endowed C.E. Junior Academy


Freeman's Endowed C.E. Junior Academy


Freeman's Endowed C.E. Junior Academy

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23 Jul

Bevan Class

Welcome to Bevan Class!

Bevan Class are taught by Mrs Graves (Monday - Wednesday morning) and Ms Blunt (Thursday - Friday).  We are fabulously supported by Mrs Cox.  The children in Bevan receive a specialist P.E session on Tuesday afternoons from Get Active.

In Bevan class, we believe in learning through fun. Promoting independent learners, confident to have a go, reflect, then edit their work.  We use resources and equipment as much as possible to ensure we have a deep understanding of the objectives we cover. 

Together, we have set and agreed to follow clear class rules to ensure our Behaviour for Learning is good.  We have high aspirations for our class, encouraging each and every child to strive to achieve their best.  We recognise  each others differences and celebrate each others achievements.  We aim to support all our pupils needs in class, using our Well being and SEND team where needed.

Term 2's Learning

Ssh… What’s that noise? Is it a bash, a crash, a shake or a hum? This half term, we’ll listen to a live musical performance, picking out the different sounds and techniques.  We’ll investigate the volume of sounds and make vibrations using different equipment. Our toes will be tapping along to all kinds of music.  We’ll create artwork that represents jazz music, and look at famous, jazz-influenced art. We’ll find out how our ear works, how sound travels and learn about pitch. In D&T, we’ll investigate how musical instruments work and enjoy making our own. We’ll share our favourite music and explore how music is used in everyday life.  We’ll also write a biography about pop stars. 

Following two afternoons of hard work (and fun!) we have successfully made our working musical instruments, following our original designs.  We had a wide range of materials and components to select from.  Whilst it was important to consider the functionality of our instrument, we also needed to consider how it would look, joining and decorating our finished products as carefully as possible.  We were really pleased with our outcomes!

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