In Year 4, we have been learning how Hindus believe that everyone has a spark of Brahman (God) within them, known as atman.  It is believed that this spark of God is eternal, so when a body dies, the spark of God continues.  Most Hindus believe that the atman will be reborn or reincarnated in another body.  Which body it goes into depends on karma.  Karma means action and the law of karma is a law of action and consequences.  Hindus say that we have responsibility for everything we do and all actions will produce results we have to bear, teaching Hindus to be mindful in everything they do.  The atman goes through many incarnations to prepare it to escape from the cycle of life and death, where the spark of atman returns to be absorbed back into Brahman.  This release is called moksha.  We drew pictures to show our understanding of this core Hindu belief.

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