The death and resurrection of Jesus are key moments in the Christian Bible and form a key part of the Christian faith. Many Christians explain Jesus' death as a sacrifice.  They believe that Jesus, the Son of God, willingly gave up his own life in order to take on the punishment for all sin, for all people. This sacrifice offers Christians a new life and fresh hope.  

The impact of this core belief is significant for followers of Christianity.  They believe they should respond with thankfulness and gratitude, as well as by saying sorry for the things they feel they have done wrong.  One of the ways that Christians respond to Jesus' sacrifice is through The Eucharist or Holy Communion service.  Having learned about the concept of Salvation this term, the Year 5 children put together their own Chromebook presentations including some prayers appropriate for use at The Eucharist as well as ideas for Eucharist services; ways for Christians to remember the Salvation brought to them by Jesus Christ.

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