In a recent RE lesson, we analysed different pieces of artwork showing core concepts from Christianity.  In particular, we were looking for representations of; incarnation, sacrifice, resurrection, salvation and hope.  We found that good religious art has many connections, not just one, and that different people appreciate and see different things within the same picture or sculpture.

Libby chose to write about a piece of stained glass which is installed in the church of Saint Martin of Tours in Basildon.  The work is by the artist Joseph Nuttgens and is entitled, 'The Explosion of The Love of God'. 

Libby wrote, "This stained glass window, created by Joseph Nuttgens, can be found in a church in England.  It is classed as a modern piece of artwork as it was made in 1990.  I believe it shows hope, as it looks like the sun in the sky, like a symbol of Heaven.  Another concept I see is sacrifice, as it looks like bars in the foreground, representing Jesus being held as a prisoner and later crucified.  Finally, I see incarnation, as there is a triangle in the middle which I think is a symbol of The Holy Trinity".

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