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Year 3 will be learning about the events of Holy Week in the run up to Easter.  They will learn about the Christian belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  They will then look at the events of Pentecost, examining what happened when Jesus left and considering the impact of the arrival of the Holy Spirit.



Year 4 will start the Spring Term by learning about core Hindu beliefs, including their beliefs about atman, karma and the journey of life.  They will learn how Hindus show their faith both at home and in the mandir.  They will then look at the example Jesus sets for Christians in the Bible and learn how Christians try to follow that example in the way they live their lives today, from church worship to social justice.



Year 5 will be learning about core Jewish beliefs, including what Jews believe about God, their holy scriptures and what particular rules Jewish people follow.  They will then be looking at different explanations for creation, including both religious and scientific, beginning to express their own views on how they think the world was created.


Year 6: ISLAM

Year 6 will look at what it means for a Muslim to follow God.  They will look at what helps Muslims in their journey through life, including considering the role of prayer in their lives.  They will learn about fasting during Ramadan and consider Islamic pilgrimages.

In Year 4, we have been learning about Christian Baptism.  We read the story of Jesus' own Baptism in the Gospel of Matthew and noticed that at the very start of Jesus' public life on earth there is a picture of the Holy Trinity; God the Father speaking from Heaven, God the Son (Jesus) being baptised and God the Holy Spirit coming down from Heaven in the form of a dove.  We saw how famous artists have represented this story through their paintings.

We learned about the symbolism of the water for Christians, representing cleansing and a new start.  Some Christians even describe Baptism as being 'born again'. 

For Christians, being baptised means forgiveness from past mistakes, a renewed relationship with God and a chance to join the Church family.  We compared infant and adult baptism and talked about our own experiences of special religious ceremonies.


During Autumn 1, Year 3 will learn about the Christian faith, examining what Christians learn from the Creation story in Genesis, considering new beginnings, including the start of God's relationship with humankind.  After half-term, they will move on to learning about aspects of the Hindu faith, including beliefs about God and the significance of the Diwali festival.


The children in Year 4 will be undertaking two units of work based around the Christian faith.  They will start by looking at the story of Noah, examining the challenges of following God and considering the concepts of covenant and promise within Christianity.  They will move on to learning about the complex concept of The Holy Trinity, including how Christians express their beliefs through traditions such as baptism.

Year 5: GOD / JESUS

Year 5 will start the term by studying Christian beliefs about the nature and character of God.  They will learn how these beliefs impact many aspects of life for Christians including how they live and worship.  During Autumn 2, they will be learning about the concept of the Kingdom of God as a place where Christians strive to bring love, forgiveness and inclusion into the world.  They will consider both the joy and the responsibilities for Christians of being part of God's Kingdom.


In Year 6, our children will have the opportunity to learn from the story of Moses and the Exodus, considering whether following God can bring freedom and justice for Christians.  As we approach Christmas, they will start to consider the evidence Christians give for their claim that Jesus was the promised Messiah, leading to the opportunity to reflect on their own viewpoints.

We welcomed Sunita to our school this week.  She follows the Hindu faith, which she shared beautifully with our children during her time with us.  We loved hearing the story of the Holi festival in assembly, including learning about the colourful practice of throwing powders at one another during the celebrations!

Year 5, who have been learning about Hinduism this term, took part in a workshop on Hindu worship.  They saw pictures of a range of Mandirs (temples) from across the world, handled objects from worship ceremonies, tried on traditional clothes and jewellery and tasted sakar (sugar crystals).  The opportunity to speak directly to a person of faith and ask questions was a valuable learning experience for the children.  Many thanks to our visitor for providing a memorable experience for our Freeman's family.

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