Our new topic began with an intruder in the classrooms- mysterious bird like prints, a unusual egg and a white substance splattered all over the tables. The children used clues to work out what had happened. One childsaid that ' Maybe it was a bird that got trapped and then flew out of the window as the foot prints stop there'. 

The next day, children had the opportunity to meet the birds of prey, children learnt about  various birds of prey including things about their diet, their appearance and amazing features, such as how the owls having lopsided ears. Some of us had to duck as the birds flew swiftly across the hall - it was a close call!

Later on children met some smaller predators such as a tarantula and a lizard. They even got to touch and feel them - what an extraordinary experience. 


How you can help

Please continue to support your child by encouraging them to read widely and frequently. They should also be discussing their reading with an adult on a regular basis. You could use the questions in their reading diary for ideas. Ensuring that your child is regularly practicing their multiplication tables is also incredibly beneficial for them. There are lots of ways that these facts can be practised; chanting, singing, games, apps, web sites or simply writing them out.

Useful Websites

Home Learning

Spellings are given out on a Monday related to a specific pattern or rule. Children are then quizzed the following week. Every few weeks children will be given a mixture of spellings from the previous weeks. Spelling shed is a useful tool to practise spellings.
Children are given a times table to practise weekly. This is also set on Monday.

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