Religious Education: Incarnation

In RE, we are learning about the Christian concept of Incarnation (God becoming a man in the form of Jesus Christ).  We have been looking at Biblical texts from the Old Testament to understand more about the type of Saviour that the People of God were expecting to come and rescue them.  Based on the writings of Prophets such as Isaiah and Micah, we wrote radio adverts with the theme of, ‘Messiah Wanted!’  Here is an example of what we came up with.

Do you think you have the features and good qualities to become the one and only holy Messiah?  Are you the Saviour that will rescue the Israelites from slavery?  If you think you’re the one the world needs, carry on reading!

The responsibilities and expectations are of a very high standard and you will need to be kind, peaceful, loving, powerful and courageous.  You also need to have been born in Bethlehem.  You need to be royally related to King David.  You must be honest with your people and someone who holds might, power and strength so you can defeat the Romans.  You must be fair, rewarding the good and punishing the wicked.

If you think you’re The One, get in touch straight away.  Your people need you!