Year 4 meets…

Boudicca! Children have used their questioning skills this week and learnt about the female warrior of the Iceni tribe. Not only that, they also had the opportunity to meet some Roman Goddesses and carry out some research to develop an insight into Roman Gods. Why not quiz your child on their newly discovered knowledge?


Year 5 have worked really hard making patterns and cutting out the designs that are going to be sewn onto their cushions. Lots of great teamwork was on display!

Our Roman Adventure

Wow – what an exciting week for year 4. This week we time travelled back in time and learnt what it was like to be in the Roman army on our trip. After a fierce battle, we enjoyed a scrumptious Roman feast and finally, we  marched up to Bancroft Villa and explored the ruins that still remain today. Time for a rest after a busy day!

Well done to all the children on their impeccable manners and thank you to all the adults that came to help.

Hola Mexico!

Year 6 have started their new topic – Hola Mexico – this week. They have begun to create mood boards about the Mexican festival Day of the Dead which is on the 2nd of November. They have also made Day of the Dead biscuits and skulls.

Our sensational smoothies!

This week year 3 have been planning their smoothies in anticipation of making their smoothies tomorrow. We have written recipes to follow when making our smoothies and created an informative label.

SATs Results 2018

We would like to celebrate the excellent effort made by all of our children in Year 6 and staff for the good results in this year’s Key Stage 2 SATs.  We are really pleased with the outcomes and, although there is still work to do, we are confident that this demonstrates the strides forwards that the school has made this year.



Science day 2

Today Year 5 have completed 3 practical activities related to friction and water resistance. They have tested the force needed to drag a shoe, how streamlined various shapes are and have used this knowledge to create their own boats which they will launch tomorrow.



Guitar Assembly

Today Glenn came in to share his guitar skills with the children and promote the lessons he will be providing at Freeman’s from September. The children really enjoyed the assembly especially getting the opportunity to sing Frozen’s ‘Let it go’.

Letters about the lessons will be coming out soon.


Well done to the boys Year 6 and girls Years 5 and 6 cricket teams. The boys came 4th and the girls came 2nd. Excellent play and teamwork all round!