Guitar Assembly

Today Glenn came in to share his guitar skills with the children and promote the lessons he will be providing at Freeman’s from September. The children really enjoyed the assembly especially getting the opportunity to sing Frozen’s ‘Let it go’.

Letters about the lessons will be coming out soon.

Safeguarding Alert

We have had an incident today where we believe we found a passer by using his camera to film the children. We immediately contacted the police who have been into school to look at our CCTV and I have spoken with the children to reassure them that they are safe in school. The police will be at school today at the end of the day as a precaution. Your child/children may wish to talk about this over the weekend as I know we had a few that were upset by the incident.

Open Afternoon

Dear Parents

Due to a sickness bug I am unable to be in school today to see you all at the open afternoon. As usual I know that the children and staff are really looking forward to you joining them and seeing what your children are learning at school at the moment. I wish you all a fantastic afternoon and apologies that I can’t be there to join in the fun.

New Term

Welcome back everyone. It was so nice to see the children this morning and we have already had a busy start to the term. We are focusing on spellings this term by introducing new initiatives to support the children, this mornings assembly was fantastic and the spellings were really hard …. thank you Miss Ellwood!!
The children will hopefully be coming home telling you about new spelling games and activities that they have started to play in morning and afternoon registration.

Gold Mentions

It was lovely to see so many parents at Gold Mentions this morning and to share all of our children’s successes. There are many things that the children and our staff have to be proud of and most importantly being a member of the Freeman’s family we have.

I wish you all a lovely Easter break with your families, rest up and I look forward to seeing you all back ready to make yourself and others proud on Tuesday 17th April.

Weather Watching

Dear Parents
As you are aware the snow and windy weather is due to continue into the weekend. With that in mind I will be assessing the conditions early tomorrow morning and then discussing with Mrs Campbell at St Barnabas whether our schools will be open. I will post on here, Facebook and pass the information Northampton County Council to publish. So please keep an eye of those forums.


Dear Parents/carers


Have you updated your child’s details or your contact details with the office?

Please let us know of any changes as soon as possible.


Thank you

Open Afternoon

Don’t forget that next Friday 26th January from 2.15pm we will be having our open afternoon at school. This is an opportunity for you to come and join in the activities taking place in your child’s class. We look forward to welcoming you next week.