Year 6 RE Work Autumn Term

During Autumn 1, Year 6 worked hard on their Beliefs and Actions in the World topic, studying the question, ‘Can Christian Aid and Islamic Relief change the world?’  They expressed some of their learning through a piece of creative work at the end of the topic, highlighting global issues such as poverty and injustice in their designs.

We have now started an Understanding Christianity topic, focusing on what we can learn from the story of Moses and the Exodus.  We did a conscience alley activity, where the children had to put themselves into the shoes of Moses and Pharaoh!

Day of the Dead

Year 6 have been learning about the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’. They have made clay masks and followed instructions to make and decorate biscuits.

Hola Mexico!

Year 6 have enjoyed a tasty start to their new topic for the term, ‘Hola Mexico’. They had the opportunity to try a few different Mexican foods. There were lots of clean plates. They also listened to Mexican music and tried out a few instruments while they waited.

Year 6 ID Topic

Year 6 have really enjoyed the ID topic this term. They have worked very hard and produced lots of fantastic work, which is now on display around the school.

Crime scene investigators!

Year 6 have been attempting to solve a crime in school this week as someone has stolen the school credit card. The children have been using the skills they have learnt throughout their ID topic to investigate the crime scene by looking at evidence, questioning the suspects, comparing height and shoe size and taking fingerprint samples. We’re hoping to solve it soon!

Trip to the police station!

Yesterday, Year 6 visited Wellingborough police station to learn more about ID. We had our fingerprints taken in the custody area, visited the cells and identified a suspect. We learnt lots about different information we can use to help us solve a crime! Thank you to PC McIvor for a brilliant experience.


Year 6 Fingerprints

Year 6 have been finding out all about fingerprints this week, in preparation for writing a report. We have also looked at our own fingers to see what type of pattern we have and have started to make a printing tool with our fingerprint on it. We are looking forward to see how they turn out next week.

We are visiting the police station tomorrow to find out lots more information and have our fingerprints taken! Pictures to follow.

Year 6 Identity

As part of our new topic ‘ID` we have been looking at the meaning of identity. We have created new identities by mixing up our own, made word clouds using words to describe our own identities and are in the process of writing shape poems about ourselves.

Year 6 Cookies

We had help from Chef to make chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. They were delicious. She even let us use the ovens in the pod!

What colour is a shadow? Year 6

Year 6 have been investigating shadows using different coloured lights to see if they could create different coloured shadows. They tried hard to describe what they saw, with some very interesting results.