New Learning Space

Some of Class 7 have been lucky to be the first children to use our new area. We have transformed the cloakroom into a colourful, attractive learning space. Children can use this area to do their work if they would like a quieter environment to help them concentrate.

Year 6 Gymnastics

Year 6 have been very lucky to have the first go on the new PE equipment in the hall. They really enjoyed it.

Frozen Kingdom

Year 6 have had a chilly start to their new topic – investigating icebergs!

The Legend of the Uxmal dwarf

This week, Year 6 have been looking at their new text in English – The Legend of the Uxmal Dwarf. The children have worked hard to begin learning the text and identify new vocabulary. Can you work out the story from our text map?

Entering the world of the Maya

This week, Year 6 have been exploring the world of the Maya in even greater depth.  We have investigated the city of Chichen Itza and got an insight into the daily life of the Maya.  You really don’t want to be a bad Pok a Tok player!!  Or a good one for that matter!


We have learnt about the various Gods and Goddesses and the importance of corn in the Maya life.  We also found out about how the Maya believed that humans were made from corn.

We have built a replica of a Maya pyramid using sugar cubes.

Cadbury world

On Wednesday, Year 6 took a trip to Cadbury world as part of our Mexico topic. We learnt all about the Mayans and where chocolate originated. We went on a 4D cinema experience and took a tour of the factory where we saw lots of different chocolates being made and decorated. We were lucky enough to get lots of chocolate and had a fantastic day! Take a look at the jumper made from chocolate!

Year 6 RE Work Autumn Term

During Autumn 1, Year 6 worked hard on their Beliefs and Actions in the World topic, studying the question, ‘Can Christian Aid and Islamic Relief change the world?’  They expressed some of their learning through a piece of creative work at the end of the topic, highlighting global issues such as poverty and injustice in their designs.

We have now started an Understanding Christianity topic, focusing on what we can learn from the story of Moses and the Exodus.  We did a conscience alley activity, where the children had to put themselves into the shoes of Moses and Pharaoh!

Day of the Dead

Year 6 have been learning about the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’. They have made clay masks and followed instructions to make and decorate biscuits.

Hola Mexico!

Year 6 have enjoyed a tasty start to their new topic for the term, ‘Hola Mexico’. They had the opportunity to try a few different Mexican foods. There were lots of clean plates. They also listened to Mexican music and tried out a few instruments while they waited.

Year 6 ID Topic

Year 6 have really enjoyed the ID topic this term. They have worked very hard and produced lots of fantastic work, which is now on display around the school.