Fidget Spinner Maths

We have enjoyed using the new iPads to help us with our fidget spinner data investigation.

Rotational Symmetry

We have been using our fidget spinners to inspire our maths lesson today by using the to learn about rotational symmetry. We have calculated the degrees each would need to turn. We then used protractors and shapes to create our own designs with rotational symmetry


Fidget Spinners

We have been looking at instruction writing and decided to follow a set  of given instructions before we wrote our own. We made fidget spinners – and they worked very well!!

The Parable of the Talents

We have been reading The Parable of the Talents in literacy this week. The children have retold the story, thought about the message that is given and also produced some amazing artwork. They have been thinking about their own talents too.


End of SATs Party

The children have all enjoyed a party today as a treat for working so hard for SATs. They organised their own groups, food and drink, costumes and tables. They then had an extra playtime to run off all the party food. A great way to end the week.

image image

SATs Breakfast

Year 6 enjoyed their final SATs breakfast this morning – delicious bacon rolls. A big thank you to all the staff who came in early each day to feed the children. They have eaten so much food!



The first test is done! The children all worked so hard this morning. They concentrated, tried their best and showed great resilience. We couldn’t ask for more. Well done Year 6!! Keep up the good work.

Post SAT celebration

The children have organised themselves into groups and have decided on their theme for their celebratory lunch. They have decided who is bringing what and are looking forward to partying.