Year 6 Identity

As part of our new topic ‘ID` we have been looking at the meaning of identity. We have created new identities by mixing up our own, made word clouds using words to describe our own identities and are in the process of writing shape poems about ourselves.

Year 6 Cookies

We had help from Chef to make chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. They were delicious. She even let us use the ovens in the pod!

What colour is a shadow? Year 6

Year 6 have been investigating shadows using different coloured lights to see if they could create different coloured shadows. They tried hard to describe what they saw, with some very interesting results.


Year 6 Worm Charmers

The year 6 children who stayed at school this week have had a great week. We have tried to answer the question ‘How many worms are under the ground?’ We researched earthworms and were surprised by how many different types there are. We found out how to charm worms and we tried to beat the world record – held by a ten-year-old girl (567 worms in 30 minutes). We managed five!! It was great fun though.

Year 6 Heart Dissection

Year 6 had a fantastic experience to finish their topic of Blood Heart this week. Mr Campbell dissected a real animal heart in class and it was projected up onto the big screen so all the children could see a real-life version of the facts they have been learning.

Year 6 Blood Heart

Year 6 have been studying the circulatory system this week. They have found out the ingredients of blood and the job each one does. They have modeled how the blood travels around the body using life size diagrams. They are looking forward to seeing a real heart on Friday.

Fidget Spinner Maths

We have enjoyed using the new iPads to help us with our fidget spinner data investigation.

Rotational Symmetry

We have been using our fidget spinners to inspire our maths lesson today by using the to learn about rotational symmetry. We have calculated the degrees each would need to turn. We then used protractors and shapes to create our own designs with rotational symmetry


Fidget Spinners

We have been looking at instruction writing and decided to follow a set  of given instructions before we wrote our own. We made fidget spinners Рand they worked very well!!