Amazing cam toys!

Year 5 worked incredibly hard to produce an assortment of amazing cam toys.  They ranged from single to three cams, rectangles to cubes…

DT day

Year 5 have spent the day making fairground cam toys.



Just past Wollaston

What a great day we have had!  Actually got to walk through both the Commons and Lords! The children have been great but are very tired (although this has not made them quiet!).


We have just left the motorway at MK junction. ETA 6.30 to 6.40.

Estimated ETA

At the moment the ETA is between 6.20 and 6.30. As long as we have internet we will keep you informed!








We have been analysing the The Lord’s Prayer and reflecting on the concepts within it.  We have taken out some of the more complex language, rephrasing ideas in child-friendly language, then presenting our rewritten prayers in mini-books suitable for younger children.

Did they float?

Year 5 raced their boats to see if they would float and how streamlined they were. Some were  more successful than others!



Class 6 winners.

New Spellings

Words ending in the suffix -ible.

Please help your child to read them, understand their meaning and then spell them.

accessible  audible edible  flexible horrible impossible indestructible invincible legible possible responsible reversible sensible terrible  visible

Science day 2

Today Year 5 have completed 3 practical activities related to friction and water resistance. They have tested the force needed to drag a shoe, how streamlined various shapes are and have used this knowledge to create their own boats which they will launch tomorrow.