Year 5 Spellings

Each week Year 5 will have a set of spelling words to learn in school and at home.  The new words will be on the school blog so that parents and carers can support their children in this.  They will also be on the website Spelling Shed which they can access from home.  There will be a test each week to ensure that they are learning them.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Year 5 team



Week Rule Words
1 The prefix dis– has a negative meaning disapprove disagree  disobey disadvantage disallow disappear disappoint disbelieve dishearten dishonest disinterested disjointed disobedient disqualify  disadvantage

Busy week!

Year 5 have had a busy week. On Tuesday they interviewed Mr and Mrs Ealey on what it is like to be retired and the changes they have seen since childhood. The school nurse also visted to talk about changes to our bodies. We also started swimmimg. Many children have moved up groups so will need a new swimmimg cap. Feel free to buy a new cap of the correct colour or you can swap your old one for the new colour. Ask your child if they have moved up groups.

Time Travellers!

Year 5 have started their new unit of work called Time Travellers.  The Year 5 team woke up on the first day of the new term to discover that they had been transported to the future and they had aged at least 20 years!  Fortunately the children were unaffected and instead produced an Andy Warhol inspired snapshot of themselves at this moment in time.




Well done to Phoenix in Year 5 and Dragon in Year 6 for winning their netball tournaments this week. Some amazing play was seen by both year groups.

Amazing cam toys!

Year 5 worked incredibly hard to produce an assortment of amazing cam toys.  They ranged from single to three cams, rectangles to cubes…

DT day

Year 5 have spent the day making fairground cam toys.



Just past Wollaston

What a great day we have had!  Actually got to walk through both the Commons and Lords! The children have been great but are very tired (although this has not made them quiet!).


We have just left the motorway at MK junction. ETA 6.30 to 6.40.

Estimated ETA

At the moment the ETA is between 6.20 and 6.30. As long as we have internet we will keep you informed!