Space Center

Year 5 have been learning all about gravity today and are looking forward to learning even more about space tomorrow at The Space Centre. We are leaving at 9.00 and should be back at school by 5.30  traffic permitting). All children need to be in school uniform and have a packed lunch in a bag.



Year 5 RE Display Work

In Year 5 this term, we have been learning about Words of Wisdom from Christianity, Sikhism and Islam.  We have been reflecting on what we can learn from various aspects of these three religions and some of our work is on display in our classrooms.

Our next challenge is to reflect on a very important question for Christians; What does it mean if God is holy and loving?  There have been some great discussions so far and we are very proud of the children’s depth of thinking in their Religious Education lessons.

Journey’s Into Space

We are learning and writing journey’s into space. We are text mapping to help us learn the story and learn the different elements needed to write a good story. Can you work out what the beginning of our story says?


Year 5 have started their new unit of Stargazers. They were visited by Astronauts Sadler and Berkshire who had lost an expensive piece of equipment on a planet. Their mission was to decide which planet it might have been lost. They also used fruit to show the relative sizes of the planets and their distance from the sun.


Time Traveller Homework

A massive thank you to Year 5 for their efforts when completing their Time Traveller homework! We spent a lovely afternoon sharing your creations….including biscuits!

A fantastic child-sized working watch made by CS!



When we are old…

Year 5 have also been travelling to the future in their time machines to see how they will look when they are old!

Time Travelling Adventures Continue.

Year 5 – have been writing all about their time travelling adventures. They are really looking forward to sharing these stories with you.

Here are some of their Blurbs

The Time Explorer

The world is a big place and you can explore it

You could travel through time you could do lots of amazing things …

A girl called Rose has found a way to time travel but no one believed her and now no knows where she went? Find out where she is and who she meets… the adventure has just begun…

The Mysterious Door

One ordinary summers day,Ben’s mum decided to move away from the house for a holiday- well let’s just say that they wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible!.Once they arrived at the small two bedroom villa,the caretaker, with a deep voice, strictly said to them do not open the basement door but other than that they could touch practically anything. When he left Ben and his mum was  curious- what was behind the basement door..…


Time Machines!

Year 5 have used their inventive skills to make their own time machine as part of ‘Innovate’.