Baking bread for a roman soldier

This week year 4 have been learning how to make bread.  We have designed a complete meal in a loaf fit for a roman soldier to take on their long journey.  The children liked the cheese and tomato loaf but the quorn chicken with sweetcorn, onions and peppers proved to be the most popular.  Great baking year 4.

Religious Education: Rainbow Bibles

Today in RE, we were excited to use our brand new Rainbow Bibles which were gifted to us at the end of last year by Reverend John.

We used the contents page to help us as we looked up stories from the Old Testament, such as David and Goliath and The Great Flood.  Some of us got really fast at finding not only the right book of the Bible, but also the correct chapter and verse!


Roman Numerals

Children started their maths lessons by learning about Roman numerals. We have been converting between Arabic and Roman numerals, up to 100. We made cards to help us remember them and had fun playing a few games.

Give your child a number between 1 and 100 and see if they can convert it!

Subtraction Vloggers

Today children in year 4 became Maths Vloggers! They created tutorials on how to use column subtraction and also how to solve one step and two step problems. Their videos were fantastically clear and informative. It helped them to really understand the method by explaining it in a tutorial. Sensible, super work! Well done!

Ice Lolly Jingles!

This week children in Year 4 have designed their own ice lollies, fit for the Red Queen! After considering how popular brands use jingles to help advertise and sell products, children created their own jingle and catchphrase for their ice lolly. They used a fab website to create the background music, called ‘Chrome Music Lab’. Well done!


Rounding Rap!

This week in our maths lessons we have been practising rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We have learnt the rounding rap which has helped us know whether to round up or down.

This could come in handy during the homework task this week!

Potions workshop with Sam Mallett

The children were enthralled today by our Potions workshop delivered by Sam Mallett from Wrenn.  The children can tell a weak acid from an alkaline just by adding Ribena, they have looked at layering liquids as well as making carbon dioxide. We also learnt a powerful lesson about the importance of recycling batteries.


As part of our Potions work this week, we have investigated the question – Can you inflate a balloon without blowing into it? The children predicted what they thought would happen and have come up with brilliant explanations.

Now we need to describe the chemical reaction we saw when the bicarbonate of soda mixed with the vinegar.

Year 4 Wacky Races!

What a busy and exciting week for children in year 4! Earlier in the week, they received a message from the Red Queen asking if they could investigate which liquid was the most viscous in order to create a potion. The children had great fun testing out different liquids in a ‘Wacky Race’ to find the answer.

The children have also been working really hard on their assessments this week – we’re very proud of your efforts!