Powerful potions!

The children in Year 4 have really enjoyed using Science to blow up a balloon today. They used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda which created a chemical reaction, releasing gas to blow up a balloon on a bottle. Well done Year 4!

Wacky races!

Which liquid travels the fastest?

We tested oil, water, cream, lemonade, golden syrup, and a corn flour with water mixture.  We made it a fair test by using the same amount of liquid on the same table, and the same slope.

Creating bottles

Year 4 can begun creating some fabulous bottles. We are glass painting, plus sculpting bottles from newspaper and masking tape, ready for covering in mod rock.   The displays are looking great!

Five Pillars of Islam

In R.E this week, children analysed the Five Pillars of Islam and discussed their importance to Muslims. Children were fantastic at interpreting what the pillars mean to Muslims and also how the pillars could be compared to the beliefs in Christianity. Well done Year 4 for your thoughtful contributions.

A day in the life of a soldier

In our topic lesson this week, children used drama to represent the different events that might have happened during the day in the life of a Roman soldier. Their scenes were fantastic and included; battles, training, being a look out, playing games and socialising.