Camp fire

Marshmallows and bread dough cooking on the fire. We have learnt how to set up and start a fire as well as how to keep safe.

Winding down

  • We have just finished our last activity and are calming down before packing and leaving.  The children have had a really busy day and are having a drink and snack.  We are all really proud of each and every child for their resilience and effort.  They will be tired, hungry and a bit dirty but have had a fantastic experience.  We would like to compliment the children for their fantastic behaviour.  Many thanks to the staff who have given up their own family time to make this an unforgettable experience.

A quieter night

Year 4 residential adventurers have had a peaceful final night under canvas.  We have a few more activities in our action packed day before we say goodbye to SSG.  We have been visited overnight by the sock fairy who has mixed up most of our socks!! Let me know if you find a Darth Vader pair!!  We hope to be home on time and will keep you updated via text message.  See you all soon.

Wet and wicked!

We have had such a great session at Box End today. Paddle boards and the brand new Ninja course. Our children have demonstrated resilience and determination.  It is incredible fun, we have laughed lots.