Five Pillars of Islam

In R.E this week, children analysed the Five Pillars of Islam and discussed their importance to Muslims. Children were fantastic at interpreting what the pillars mean to Muslims and also how the pillars could be compared to the beliefs in Christianity. Well done Year 4 for your thoughtful contributions.

A day in the life of a soldier

In our topic lesson this week, children used drama to represent the different events that might have happened during the day in the life of a Roman soldier. Their scenes were fantastic and included; battles, training, being a look out, playing games and socialising.


Does gas weigh anything?

Children in Year 4 considered this question and made interesting predictions. Afterwards, we conducted an experiment involving balloons and coat hangers to decide if gas had any weight. We needed to be very observant to notice any slight changes, but it was successful! Well done Year 4 for your enthusiasm!

IMG_1226 IMG_1228

The Romans are back!

Year Four were very lucky to meet some Roman visitors this week, who had travelled to Freemans in a time machine! They enjoyed asking the Empresses many questions about the way the Romans lived before they had to dash back to year 100AD!

IMG_0996 IMG_1006 IMG_1036

Rainforest Layer Boxes

Children had a fantastic time transforming their shoe box into a layer of the rainforest. Finished products will be posted shortly!

IMG_1107 IMG_1113 IMG_1126

Tick Tock!

Year Four had a super DT day today creating working analogue clocks. We learnt how clocks work before using abstract art to design and create our own. A great effort from all of Year Four!

IMG_1092  IMG_1096 IMG_1140 IMG_1145 IMG_1160 IMG_1161

Stained Glass Windows

Children thought about the question ‘Why is Jesus inspirational?’ and designed a stained glass window to express their ideas. They look great on our windows!

IMG_1099 IMG_1101 IMG_1102