We built a boat!

Year 4 have enjoyed their first week back learning about the Anglo-Saxons and how they arrived on our shores in 410AD. We used lots of resilience to create model boats out of card and a life size boat out of cardboard! Look out for some pictures of us in our boats soon!

Healthy Snacks

Year Four enjoyed setting up their pop up tuck shop this week. They have spent lots of time designing and making healthy snacks and we have made lots of money to spend on extra resources to use in school! Well done Year Four!



Time on your hands over the Easter holiday?!

We are looking for some new lunchtime prayers that we can use in school.

If you want to have a go;

  1. Choose a tune that everyone will know, e.g. Row, Row, Row Your Boat, London’s Burning, Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
  2. Write some words that fit the tune.  They need to be suitable for a lunchtime prayer, e.g. thankfulness for what we have to eat, reminders not to be wasteful.
  3. Write up your prayer, including noting which tune it should be sung to.
  4. Add your name and class number to your entry and hand it in to your teacher after the holiday.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

What goes in, must come out.

This week we have studied our digestive system. Our ‘chew to the poo’ demonstration was a great visual explanation of what happens to the food we eat.  We have asked lots of stool related questions and analysised different animal poo!  Year 4 have been fascinated with bodily functions!


In class, we have been learning about the Holy Trinity.  Having looked at its importance in baptism, we are now looking at how it is included in aspects of Christian worship such as prayer.  We looked at an important Christian prayer called ‘The Grace’ which Christians often use at the end of a church service as a way of blessing one another, then decided to compose our own prayer that could be used as one of our home time prayers.  Here is what we wrote:

Class 3’s Home Time Grace

Thank you for our friends, our teachers and our school.

Thank you for everything we have learned today.

Please keep us all safe until we return to school tomorrow.



Class 4’s Home Time Grace

Thank you for another good day and for all the things we have learned.

Help us to show our school values every day.

Keep us safe as we follow you always.


To scientifically test what effect sugary drinks have on our teeth, we left raw and boiled eggs in different liquids to observe what happens.  Coke and Diet Coke both stained the egg shell badly, but we were most surprised by the orange juice. It stripped a layer of the shell off, made the shell blister up and left a crusty layer on sugar on it.   We decided we should only consume a small amount of this a day, and brush our teeth very well.

Yucky, sticky bodies.

A visit from Sam Mallett from Wrenn has had Year 4 pulling some revolted faces. We have learnt lots about the liquids our bodies produce. We are really enjoying this term’s topic called Bottoms, burps and bile!

Year Four’s Healthy Snacks

Last week, year four enjoyed evaluating and designing healthy treats, particularly focussing on the nutritional values of treats like crisps, chips and ketchup. We designed our own healthy treats and managed to create and taste many. The favourite snack amongst the children was parsnips crisps, although some of them were a little burnt! Whoops!