Bread fit for a Roman Soldier

Year 4 have learnt how to make bread this week. They have designed a nutritious bread, applying their knowledge of the eat well plate. We tried our bread as part of our Roman feast. My favourite was the vegetarian sausage, pepper, cheese, sun dried tomato and sweetcorn bread. Well done Year 4, great baking!


Year 4 RE Display Work

In Year 4, we have been learning about Islam, answering the Big Question; Keeping the Five Pillars – What difference does it make?  The children have shown great respect during their Religious Education lessons this term, and have really progressed in their learning since they last learned about Islam in Year 3.  Some of the children’s work can be seen on display in their classrooms.

Roman Shields

Today Year 4 have enjoyed designing and creating their own Roman shields. We can’t wait to use the, in our Roman battle next week!


Year 4’s visit to Verulamium

Today, Year 4 visited St Albans’ Roman Verulamium museum. We were able to touch real artefacts as well as see where they had come from.  The children were excitied to see the amazing mosaics on display.  We have lots of questions about the Romans, we can’t wait for the rest of this term.

Enterprise week

Year Four have enjoyed being entrepreneurs this week by designing and creating their ice lollies.  We looked at profit and loss to work out how much money we could make and created posters to advertise them in exciting ways. We have already made over £40 from sales, which we will  use in school to enhance our learning. Thank you for your support!


One of our targets is to try to improve our presentation. We are very proud of the effort the children are making. Here are some examples of our recent Maths work. We were using  formal written methods for addition. Look out in the classrooms for their amazing handwriting.

Thank you to Issac and Albert.

Thank you to Professor Albert and Professor Issac for joining Year 4 today. They started the children off on their innovate project.  Will they be back to see the children’s projects?

Today in R.E, we have looked at the Islamic commandments from the Qur’an. Each group produced a freeze frame to show a scenario where people weren’t following the commands, e.g. Do not take advantage of poor people or orphans or  avoid gossip and slander.  The children had amazing discussions and were very sensible in their suggestions.