Sea monkeys!

Year Four are really enjoying our topic ‘Blue Abyss’ and have loved learning about ‘Sea Monkeys’ which we are hatching in our classrooms this week! The children have looked at the eggs under a magnifying glass and have created research projects on the rather mysterious creatures. Watch this space for more pictures once they have hatched! 

Blue Abyss art work

Wow! The children have created excellent ocean layer boxes, as well as experimented with batik effect and pastels to make fish. We are so impressed with their research skills and motivation to learn. Well done Year 4.

Talk for writing planning

This term we will be looking at journey stories. Miss Ellwood is showing her box up plan for our model text, Marlin’s journey. We hope the children are enjoying learning it.

The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

A huge congratulations to our year 3’s and 4’s. They have performed superbly today.  We are incredibly lucky to have such talented, dedicated children. Well done children, enjoy your parties this week. You have worked so hard you deserve them.

A massive thank you to our team of adults too. Costumes, props, music and directions were brilliant.



Life Education Bus

Today, we have visited the Life Education Bus.  Our focus was on our bodies, and how we can keep healthy.

We were incredibly proud of the amazing answers the children provided. They proved to be very knowledgable. Well done Year 4.

Roman mosiacs

This week, Year 4 have been creating mosiacs from lentils and split peas in CD cases. They have realised just how much time and effort would have been needed in Roman times to create the wonderful floors we saw on our St Albans trip.

Bread fit for a Roman Soldier

Year 4 have learnt how to make bread this week. They have designed a nutritious bread, applying their knowledge of the eat well plate. We tried our bread as part of our Roman feast. My favourite was the vegetarian sausage, pepper, cheese, sun dried tomato and sweetcorn bread. Well done Year 4, great baking!


Year 4 RE Display Work

In Year 4, we have been learning about Islam, answering the Big Question; Keeping the Five Pillars – What difference does it make?  The children have shown great respect during their Religious Education lessons this term, and have really progressed in their learning since they last learned about Islam in Year 3.  Some of the children’s work can be seen on display in their classrooms.

Roman Shields

Today Year 4 have enjoyed designing and creating their own Roman shields. We can’t wait to use the, in our Roman battle next week!