River Collage

During our first day on our new topic ‘Flow’, we created a collage showing a river using different materials. Children were very careful to make their picture have depth, with the river getting smaller as it got further away. They look fantastic on our display walls!


Time on your hands over the Easter holiday?!

We are looking for some new lunchtime prayers that we can use in school.

If you want to have a go;

  1. Choose a tune that everyone will know, e.g. Row, Row, Row Your Boat, London’s Burning, Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
  2. Write some words that fit the tune.  They need to be suitable for a lunchtime prayer, e.g. thankfulness for what we have to eat, reminders not to be wasteful.
  3. Write up your prayer, including noting which tune it should be sung to.
  4. Add your name and class number to your entry and hand it in to your teacher after the holiday.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Strings concert

We were very proud of all of the Year 3s yesterday as they put on a fantastic strings concert. They showed off all that they had learnt over the last 10 weeks.


Weaving Baskets

Year 3 had a great afternoon weaving baskets. Children showed lots of resilience and helped each other when they found it tricky. They were very pleased with their end result.

Flag fen

Today, Year 3 had a wonderful visit to Flag Fen where we made clay pots, handled artefacts from the stone, bronze and iron age, looked at log boats and enjoyed a story around the fire in the round house.



As part of our work on the events leading up to Easter, we read the Bible story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert.  We reflected on times of temptation in our own lives and how we should respond using Jesus’ example as a guide.  We presented mini dramas to our classes showing our ideas.

Stone Age Artwork

Children have been looking at the type of art that people in the stone age would have created. Drawing under the tables made it seem a little bit more ‘cave like’! They also designed different patterns and carefully ‘carved’ them onto a stone. Great work year 3!


Where did the Stone Age live?

We have begun our new topic of ‘Tribal tales’ with a look at Stone age houses. We have made our own and thought about the type of resources that would have been available.


Making statues

As our innovate project, we have designed and made monuments to represent the school. We have thought about the school values and how we could show these through a statue. They will be finish    ed tomorrow and ready to come home! 

Showing off our new equipment!

Children in Year 3 have been using the new gymnastics equipment to show off their amazing balances. They’ve had lots of fun experimenting and performing their routines.