Birds of prey!

Year 3 had a very exciting visitor this morning and encountered some amazing predatory animals (some of which flew over our heads). From a fierce looking golden eagle to a cute hedgehog from Madagascar, we learnt lots of interesting facts to help us in our Predators topic.


Today in Year 3, we welcomed Reverend Michelle into our RE lesson as we learned about important events in the Church calendar.  She showed us some of the stoles that she wears at different times of the year, explaining the meaning behind the different colours and designs.


We begun our new topic with the discovery of some giant bird foot prints which led to some golden eggs. From looking at the clues around them, the children decided that these were from a bird of prey. We thought about why birds would keep their eggs in a nest and then we made our own nests.


Fabulous homework

A massive well done to Year 3 for their effort with their homework this week. We have really enjoyed reading about the famous people they have been researching and have been impressed by the creativity that has been shown.


Our sensational smoothies!

This week year 3 have been planning their smoothies in anticipation of making their smoothies tomorrow. We have written recipes to follow when making our smoothies and created an informative label.

Fantastic fruits

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic, we have made clay fruits and vegetables.This week we have been mixing our own colours to paint them. The children look forward to bringing them home.


Descriptive writing

Year 3 have been learning how to use a thesaurus to select the most exciting adjectives to use in their writing. Here are a few examples of their sentences to describe a cake:

The scrumdiddlyumptious, rainbow coloured cake is about to be gobbled up. By JT.

This cake is delightful, delectable cake is as bright as a summer sky. By AO.

In a few seconds, the colourful, soft cake will be devoured into pieces. By HM.

The delicious, scrumptious and mouthwatering cake is waiting all alone on the table. By EC.

Text mapping

We have begun to learn our advert for an Everlasting Gobstopper. We shall be using the pictures and adding actions to help us to learn this advert off by heart. Can your child tell you the beginning of it?


Religious Education: Values

In Religious Education, we are learning about Values, trying to answer our Big Question; What matters most?

We agreed that rules are important in helping to reinforce shared values both within our school and in the wider community.

We designed some rules of our own with the aim of creating a happier and fairer society.

Making pizzas!

This morning, we have been making our own pizzas. We have been grating cheese and chopping the ingredients that we would like on our pizzas and we are very excited to be tasting them later today.