Maths Outside!

Year 3 took the chance to do some problem solving outside to make the most of the lovely weather. Some of the problems were much trickier than they looked! Lots of resilience was needed but they worked very well in teams to complete each activity.

A massive well done to Year 3 for their efforts with their homework this week. We have been very impressed with their acrostic poems about a mythical creature of their choice. We have enjoyed sharing them in class.


Greek shields

This week Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Greek soldiers and the equipment that they used. They then designed their own shield, ensuring that they showed which city-state they belonged to.


Greek Diary

Children have written fantastic diaries from the perspective of a Greek citizen. Some chose to write from the perspective of a slave and others of a rich child.

We think they are brilliant! Can you guess which perspective the children have written from?

Our Greek Visitors

This week, Year 3 had a wonderful day learning all about life in Ancient Greece. We learnt about how decisions were made within the different city states, practiced writing with a quill using the Greek alphabet and learnt about how the Greek army would march together. We even had a go at finding our way around the labyrinth from Theseus and the Minotaur.


Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the five pillars of Islam, considering the impact they have on the lives of Muslims.  We have learned about concepts such as faith, prayer, charity and pilgrimage.

Finding angles

This week, Year 3 have begun their topic of angles in maths. We have been writing our initials and finding out how many angles are in each of the letters. We have even managed to find some right angles!

Our completed model rivers

This afternoon we have finished painting our river models. On their models they have shown the source, meanders, any tributaries and we even some oxbow lakes. We think that they look fantastic!

Model Rivers

We have been focusing on making models of our rivers this week, working carefully with Mod Rock (which did get a little messy!). We are very excited to see the finish result when they are painted and labelled. Watch this space!


Children in year 3 have been learning about how rivers can be used to create electricity. We learnt how hydropower works and have created our own water turbines.

We made the most of the lovely weather and tested them outside!