Year 6 RE Work Autumn Term

During Autumn 1, Year 6 worked hard on their Beliefs and Actions in the World topic, studying the question, ‘Can Christian Aid and Islamic Relief change the world?’  They expressed some of their learning through a piece of creative work at the end of the topic, highlighting global issues such as poverty and injustice in their designs.

We have now started an Understanding Christianity topic, focusing on what we can learn from the story of Moses and the Exodus.  We did a conscience alley activity, where the children had to put themselves into the shoes of Moses and Pharaoh!

Bread fit for a Roman Soldier

Year 4 have learnt how to make bread this week. They have designed a nutritious bread, applying their knowledge of the eat well plate. We tried our bread as part of our Roman feast. My favourite was the vegetarian sausage, pepper, cheese, sun dried tomato and sweetcorn bread. Well done Year 4, great baking!


Space Center

Year 5 have been learning all about gravity today and are looking forward to learning even more about space tomorrow at The Space Centre. We are leaving at 9.00 and should be back at school by 5.30  traffic permitting). All children need to be in school uniform and have a packed lunch in a bag.



Our exciting sentences

This week in English, Year 3 have been learning to use expanded noun phrases and ambitious verbs. Here are some examples of their sentences:

SMc.  A terrific, scary crocodile with a big, scaly tail chopped his delicious breakfast up.

EA-H.   The brave, brown crocodile was crouching to find its food to eat because it was hungry.

CK.    The frightening, disgusting crocodile with smiley teeth dived into the swooshy water.

TH   The fearless crocodile with razor-sharp teeth attacked its fearful prey with a snap.

LY   In the muddy water, a dangerous, enormous crocodile waded through the water and approached its prey.

CE   As the sneaky, sly crocodile with razor sharp, pointy teeth waded through the water, it spotted its prey.

DH.  Mysteriously, the speedy, colossal crocodile that has a powerful, scaly tail sprang at the grey pigeons.

LL.   Stealthily patrolling in the slushy, brown and frothy water, the fierce, intimidating crocodile with a narrow tail glared at his prey, stalked it and pounced strongly, but his feeble prey got away.

Year 5 RE Display Work

In Year 5 this term, we have been learning about Words of Wisdom from Christianity, Sikhism and Islam.  We have been reflecting on what we can learn from various aspects of these three religions and some of our work is on display in our classrooms.

Our next challenge is to reflect on a very important question for Christians; What does it mean if God is holy and loving?  There have been some great discussions so far and we are very proud of the children’s depth of thinking in their Religious Education lessons.

Year 4 RE Display Work

In Year 4, we have been learning about Islam, answering the Big Question; Keeping the Five Pillars – What difference does it make?  The children have shown great respect during their Religious Education lessons this term, and have really progressed in their learning since they last learned about Islam in Year 3.  Some of the children’s work can be seen on display in their classrooms.

Year 3 RE Display Work

We have been working hard in Religious Education, answering the Big Question; Is Christmas a festival of light or love? In addition to looking at important Christian beliefs, we have also learned about the use of light in other religious festivals, including the Jewish festival of Hanukkah and the Sikh and Hindu festival of Diwali.

Day of the Dead

Year 6 have been learning about the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’. They have made clay masks and followed instructions to make and decorate biscuits.

Birds of Prey!

Year 3 had a very exciting morning yesterday and encountered some amazing predatory animals (some of which flew over our heads). From a huge, fierce looking golden eagle to a cute hedgehog from Madagascar, we learnt lots of interesting facts to help us in our Predators topic.