We built a boat!

Year 4 have enjoyed their first week back learning about the Anglo-Saxons and how they arrived on our shores in 410AD. We used lots of resilience to create model boats out of card and a life size boat out of cardboard! Look out for some pictures of us in our boats soon!

Tudor Trip


Class 5 had a warm but very enjoyable day at Mary Arden’s Farm today. The activities included bread and butter making, looking at herbs, mural painting, cord making, Tudor dancing, falconry and of course looking at the beautiful Tudor buildings and wild breed animals.

Queen Elizabeth I

On Tuesday Year 5 were visited by Queen Elizabeth I (and her twin) – She introduced each class to our new topic Off With Her Head. In our new topic we will learn about the Tudors and the lasting effect they have had on our country and the world.

Angles in a triangle

Year 6 have started some geometry work this week and have been looking at the angles in a triangle. This is only a small part of the amazing efforts that they are putting into their revision for SATs.

River Collage

During our first day on our new topic ‘Flow’, we created a collage showing a river using different materials. Children were very careful to make their picture have depth, with the river getting smaller as it got further away. They look fantastic on our display walls!

Healthy Snacks

Year Four enjoyed setting up their pop up tuck shop this week. They have spent lots of time designing and making healthy snacks and we have made lots of money to spend on extra resources to use in school! Well done Year Four!


Run for Sports Relief

Today year 5 completed their 20 minute run for Sports Relief – the most laps completed was 20 for the boys, 16 for the girls and Mrs Sadler managed 15  (she is having a lay down! ).


Good Friday

Year 6 have been researching Good Friday for the Easter service. They chose their own ways to present the information – we had poems, pictures, information texts and raps! The children were very creative and produced work of an excellent standard.

Year 5 have been looking at the problems caused by plastic pollution. As an Easter project they have set themselves the challenge of making something useful from used plastic bags. We searched the Internet for inspiration and some uses for old plastic bags were ; skipping ropes , plant containers, rugs, kites, reusable shopping/school bags. The year 5 team look forward to seeing the results of the challenge. 


Time on your hands over the Easter holiday?!

We are looking for some new lunchtime prayers that we can use in school.

If you want to have a go;

  1. Choose a tune that everyone will know, e.g. Row, Row, Row Your Boat, London’s Burning, Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
  2. Write some words that fit the tune.  They need to be suitable for a lunchtime prayer, e.g. thankfulness for what we have to eat, reminders not to be wasteful.
  3. Write up your prayer, including noting which tune it should be sung to.
  4. Add your name and class number to your entry and hand it in to your teacher after the holiday.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!