Birds of prey!

Year 3 had a very exciting visitor this morning and encountered some amazing predatory animals (some of which flew over our heads). From a fierce looking golden eagle to a cute hedgehog from Madagascar, we learnt lots of interesting facts to help us in our Predators topic.



Year 5 have worked really hard making patterns and cutting out the designs that are going to be sewn onto their cushions. Lots of great teamwork was on display!

Day of the Dead Masks

After making, decorating and varnishing, the Year 6 masks are finally on display. They look fantastic. The children showed fantastic clay skills.

Religious Education: The Lord’s Prayer

We have been learning more about Christianity in RE and today we completed our own versions of The Lord’s Prayer, presented in mini books which we made.  Our aim was to make the words more easily understandable for younger children.


New Spellings

Please help your child to learn the following spellings.  Read the words together, check that they understand the meaning then learn them over the week, reinforcing the spelling pattern or rule.  They will be tested next Monday.



  Silent letter b and k knowledge  knife knight knock know knuckle  bomb dumb lamb numb thumb doubt debt climb comb crumbs numb subtle tomb

Baking bread for a roman soldier

This week year 4 have been learning how to make bread.  We have designed a complete meal in a loaf fit for a roman soldier to take on their long journey.  The children liked the cheese and tomato loaf but the quorn chicken with sweetcorn, onions and peppers proved to be the most popular.  Great baking year 4.

Phases of the Moon

Year 5 have been finding out about the phases of the moon this week and have used colour mixing to represent this in their artwork.  Over the next month, encourage your child to look at the moon each night to see how it apparently changes shape!

Religious Education: Incarnation

In RE, we are learning about the Christian concept of Incarnation (God becoming a man in the form of Jesus Christ).  We have been looking at Biblical texts from the Old Testament to understand more about the type of Saviour that the People of God were expecting to come and rescue them.  Based on the writings of Prophets such as Isaiah and Micah, we wrote radio adverts with the theme of, ‘Messiah Wanted!’  Here is an example of what we came up with.

Do you think you have the features and good qualities to become the one and only holy Messiah?  Are you the Saviour that will rescue the Israelites from slavery?  If you think you’re the one the world needs, carry on reading!

The responsibilities and expectations are of a very high standard and you will need to be kind, peaceful, loving, powerful and courageous.  You also need to have been born in Bethlehem.  You need to be royally related to King David.  You must be honest with your people and someone who holds might, power and strength so you can defeat the Romans.  You must be fair, rewarding the good and punishing the wicked.

If you think you’re The One, get in touch straight away.  Your people need you!

Today in Year 3, we welcomed Reverend Michelle into our RE lesson as we learned about important events in the Church calendar.  She showed us some of the stoles that she wears at different times of the year, explaining the meaning behind the different colours and designs.

Religious Education: Rainbow Bibles

Today in RE, we were excited to use our brand new Rainbow Bibles which were gifted to us at the end of last year by Reverend John.

We used the contents page to help us as we looked up stories from the Old Testament, such as David and Goliath and The Great Flood.  Some of us got really fast at finding not only the right book of the Bible, but also the correct chapter and verse!