Trip to the Museum

Just a reminder that Year 5 are at the museum tomorrow. Please bring a packed lunch and a coat as we will be walking there. The trip will be within school hours.

The Year 5 Team

Green Pancakes!

This week, Year 3 have made glorious, green pancakes! Then, we have designed adverts to try and sell our pancakes. The children had some wonderful ideas about why you should buy them.

Year 6 Identity

As part of our new topic ‘ID` we have been looking at the meaning of identity. We have created new identities by mixing up our own, made word clouds using words to describe our own identities and are in the process of writing shape poems about ourselves.

Sketchbooks and Junk Modelling

Next week Year 5 will be making covers for their sketchbooks. If you have any old bits of wallpaper or other decorative items that could be brought into school it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, in a few weeks, we will be making our very own time machines. Please could you save any milk bottle tops and cereal boxes and we let you know when to bring them in.


The Year 5 Team 😊

Powerful potions!

The children in Year 4 have really enjoyed using Science to blow up a balloon today. They used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda which created a chemical reaction, releasing gas to blow up a balloon on a bottle. Well done Year 4!

Wacky races!

Which liquid travels the fastest?

We tested oil, water, cream, lemonade, golden syrup, and a corn flour with water mixture.  We made it a fair test by using the same amount of liquid on the same table, and the same slope.

Year 6 Cookies

We had help from Chef to make chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. They were delicious. She even let us use the ovens in the pod!

Visit to St Barnabas Church

Year 3 began their RE topic with a visit to St Barnabas Church this week. Reverend Christine taught the children about how different colours are used throughout the Church Year for different occasions.

A scrumdiddlyumptious start to year 3.

Year 3 have had a fun start to the school year. This week, we have been following instructions to make a mud pie and to bake cheese scones.